vendredi 27 avril 2007

Estilográficas vendidas

A collection is constantly in evolution, it is never perfect, the taste changes and therefore I wanted to show the pens I sold, sometimes exchanged. Most of them were in excellent condition, I liked them very much, but sometimes it's necessary to let go some pretty pens to buy other wonderful pens.

Circa 1904: Laughlin eyedropper pen, mhr

Circa 1905: Autofiller Pen mhr, twist filler

Circa 1908: Conklin's S3 crescent filler, bchr

Circa 1910: Parker #20 click filler Lucky Curve

Circa 1910: Waterman 13 in mottled hard rubber, eyedropper

Circa 1910: Moore Non-Leakable 2.50 safety in bchr, eyedropper,

Circa 1910: Eagle overfeed in mottled hard rubber, eyedropper

Circa 1910: Moore Non-Leakable safety pen, mhr, eyedropper filler,

Circa 1915: Swan Safety bchr

Circa 1915: Waterman 58 in bchr

Circa 1915: A.A Waterman 3 bchr twist filler

Circa 1915: Arthur A. Waterman in bchr, twist filler

Circa 1915: The Vulcanite fountain pen, New York, thumb filler system

Circa 1915: A.A Waterman 3 bchr lever filler

Circa 1920: Wahl Pen Signature oversize, bchr

Circa 1921: Dunn Pen bchr

Circa 1921: Crocker 56B bchr

Circa 1922: Crocker oversize in blchr

Circa 1922: Postal Pen oversize in bhr and bakelite

Circa 1923: Wahl Signature mottled hard rubber

Circa 1923: Parker Duofold Lady rhr

Circa 1923: Parker Duofold senior in black chased hard rubber

Circa 1923: Waterman 56 red Ripple hard rubber

Circa 1924: Crocker Zain #4 in blchr

Circa 1925: Conway Stewart 750 in red and black chased hard rubber

Circa 1925: John Hancock black hard rubber cartridge filler

Circa 1925: Moore Luxor L-95 red dot

Circa 1926: Parker Lucky Curve senior in Apple green

Circa 1926: Waterman 94 in Olive Ripple

Circa 1926: Conklin Endura senior in blue saphire

Circa 1927: Wahl #2 in jade green

Circa 1927: Parker Duofold Mandarin Senior

Circa 1927: Conklin Toledo in sapphire blue celluloid

Circa 1927: Sheaffer Lifetime senior in black and pearl

Circa 1927: Waterman olive Ripple hard rubber

Circa 1927: Moore L96 Red dot Monarch fountain pen, lever filler

Circa 1927: Jiffy-Vacuum fountain pen, plunger filler

Circa 1928: Mabie Todd Swan pen in mhr

Circa 1928: Carter #6 in chocolate brown with white specks

Circa 1928: Carter oversize in coral Coralite

Circa 1928: LeBoeuf #6 in black and bronze celluloid, thumb filler

Circa 1929: Wahl Eversharp in red hard rubber

Circa 1929: Wirt #3 silver pearl flat top, lever filler

Circa 1929: Wahl Gold Seal Black and Pearl

Circa 1929: Leboeuf #4 in grey pearl celluloid, thumb filler, c.1929

Circa 1929: Sheaffer Loaner Service Pen in black radite

Circa 1930: Namiki-Dunhill in "black laconite" (ebonite laquered), original box and papers

Circa 1930: Conway Stewart 492 in mhr

Circa 1930: Wahl Deco Band Gold Seal set in green and bronze

Circa 1930: Sheaffer Lifetime senior in black radite

Circa 1930: Wahl Tunis Gold Seal Equipoised

Circa 1930: Chilton chartreuse and red veined

Circa 1930: Chilton Long Island full size in black and bronze celluloid, pneumatic self-filling system

Circa 1931: Conklin Ensemble black and pearl

Circa 1932: Leboeuf #6 set in black and pearl, sleeve filler

Circa 1932: Vacuum-Fil #3 (made by Sheaffer) twist filler

Circa 1937: Pelikan 100N

Circa 1938: Parker Vacumatic Junior

Circa 1939: Pelikan 100N in black and green celluloid

Circa 1940: Parker Vacumatic Major set in blue azure, mint condition

Circa 1941: Chilton Pneumatic-fill, made in Holland

Circa 1942: Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime 1250, plunger-filler mechanism

Circa 1945: Sheaffer Admiral

Circa 1949: Eversharp Deluxe Symphony

Circa 1950: MontBlanc 134 Meisterstuck fountain pen piston filler

1993: Omas Arco Paragon

Circa 2000: Danitrio